Monday, June 13, 2011

Vince Dishes on Killer Abs

Vince Delmonte just posted a great article on his blog about his fundamental rules for abs development.
It's a bit of a departure from textbook muscle lore. Common understanding holds that overtraining muscles is a bad thing. But as Vince rightly points out, those rules are meant for amateurs to avoid injury. For more elite athletes, a certain amount of overtraining is actually warranted.
He also points out that abs are postural muscles. As such, they're under almost constant use as it is. As a result, merely working them to capacity as you would your biceps won't produce any adaptive response. Certainly nothing visible at any rate.
To do this, you literally need to work them beyond capacity on a regular basis.
Bear in mind that Vince's "sport" is modelling. Looking good is the goal, so overtraining doesn't affect function. This sams overtraining principle is exactly how the cast of 300 got so cut up.
And of course, you need to get your body fat well below 10% (preferably below 5%), which is NOT easy for most people. Still, check out the points in the article to get a solid jump start on your ab routine. You don't need to work it so hard if you're just looking for general fitness, but if you need a little extra shred for summer (or competition), it's definitely worth checking out.


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