Saturday, June 11, 2011

First Garden Salad of the Season

Here it is! The first salad of the season (salad for one, of course): A mixed greens concoction of leaf and romaine lettuce, baby spinach and Swiss chard. Nothing fancy, and all plucked baby leaves, but man it's tasty!

Here are a few shots of the garden this week. You can see the tomato plants are getting quite big, as are the onions (not ready to harvest, but my daughter enjoys nibbling on the tops, which is why so many appear to be broken).

And in this last shot, you can even see a tiny green pepper plant that decided it wanted to live! It's been very slow growing, but it's got its new leaves finally. With the weather steadily warming I'm sure it won't be long before it really takes root and starts its growth spurt:
Given the bushy aspect of some of these plants, I think a little rearranging might be in order for next year. Although the instructions clearly state that you can have one tomato per square, I think there ought to be at least a square between them. They spread!

Those bush beans are looking pretty vigorous too. Just for the record, I used Miracle Gro in this bed only once about two weeks ago, just to get the rooting started. Since then, it's been only sporadic watering (lots of rain the last few weeks anyway), and the only fertilizer is in the manure that was mixed in originally. There's lots of compost coming to rebuild the soil after the harvest is done in the fall, but for now, I think it's looking pretty damn good!

Better than the weed farm I call a lawn, anyway.


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