Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Project #3: Reno Update

Well, it's been an extremely productive week for the reno guys working on the Man Cave (capitals intended...muahahahaha!). I'm surprised actually at how quickly it's come together, considering other projects I've seen that just sort of drag on and on (and on and on and on...).

It's gone something like this:

Monday: Demo. Pull everything apart. Start framing (needed 2 new stud walls installed on the exterior block to accommodate proper insulation).

Tuesday: Finish framing.

Wednesday: Frame the stairway wall with 2x2 studs and insulate with styrofoam).

Thursday: Electrical. Discard old wires (apparently quite a few that weren't attached to anything), rough in boxes.

Friday: Electrical. Finish installation of pot lights, switches, outlets. Fix the goofy mistake (I wanted to wire the home theatre behind the wall and put a switch in the rec room...they faced the outlet into the rec room and put the switch on the back side of the wall. Huh?). Install insulation and vapor barrier.

Yeah! So we have lights and the work is almost done. What's left?

Well, the drywall for one thing. They're also going to cut in a sump pump, although I personally think that's a complete waste of time and money. This was the first flood in this basement in 50 years. The insurance company insists though, so we're stuck with it.

Kinda stupid if you ask me.

Flooring goes in last, of course, and I'm just getting started in picking the finished floor. Here's a tip: Don't fall for good prices on laminate without first finding out what the cost per square foot of installation is. Got it? That can easily double or triple the price of your floor.

So, for the weekend it's moving boxes again...this time away from the partition wall so I can get stuff set up for the TV installation!


(Yes guys, pictures are coming soon!)


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