Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wrong line of work?

So, I took my cat to the emergency vet last night. True one of those bizarrely unromantic moments of pet ownership, it turns out she had a ruptured anal gland. Remind me to tell you about that sometime.

Anyway, I walked in the clinic and was advised that there's an up-front $130 fee for emergency vet services. My first thought: $130 just for walking in the door?! Man...I'm in the WRONG line of work!

Within about fifteen minutes, however, there was a veterinarian in the exam room with her finger in my cat's butt. My thought: Ah...THAT'S why I'm not a vet.

The biggest kudos in the world to vets who bravely go where mortals fear to tread, all for the sake of keeping our furry friends healthy and with us for many years.

(My reflections on the ride home: Damn...I should have asked for her number. Would that have been weird, under the circumstances?)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Men We Admire: Mitch Parker

Toronto-based Realtor and Active Investor Mitch Parker understands a home is a lot more than just an address; it’s a lifestyle. As an expert on buying, selling and investing in Real Estate, he helps both End Users and Investors, whether new or seasoned, realize their ultimate goals.

Living in a city he loves, Mitch realizes the importance of being heavily involved in the community. Mitch has worked with organizations that are close to his heart including Habitat for Humanity and the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Mitch also lends an active voice to the city’s associations of Business Improvement Areas understanding the importance of aiding in the creation of a thriving and competitive Toronto. 

When he’s not thinking Real Estate, Mitch’s passions include fitness, cars and exploring the city. 

Name: Mitch Parker

Age: 28

Occupation: Real Estate Sales and Investment Specialist

Gadgets: iPhone, Laptop, GPS and because I’m a Real Estate nerd, a financial calculator.

Sports: Was always a sports guy growing up, played everything from hockey, lacrosse, football, baseball, you name it. Golf is next on my radar.

How did you get started on your current career/lifestyle path?

My educational background is in Business Finance. I’m not really a 9-5 desk person so when I came out of school I had an opportunity to get into residential renovations. Watching every TLC and HGTV show about flipping homes, I decided that since I had a major advantage with my skillset that I would look for a project to renovate and resell. While looking, I fell in love with the real estate process and decided to get my license. The rest is history.

Did you have any mentors who helped steer you on this path?

Growing up, my parents were super supportive of every decision I made. My dad was always involved in his own businesses so I think he’s passed on the entrepreneurial bug to me. My first broker really helped establish and concrete my decision that I was on the right path. Because it was a small brokerage, I was able to work closely with him to learn the ins and outs of the business.




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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Who's pushing you to succeed?

So, Monday at 6 a.m. I started the T30 program from Prograde (featuring BJ Gaddour), and this is what I get from my 4-year-old daughter:

"But Daddy, you can't sit down yet! The guy on your exercise movie is still exercising and there's thr
ee more bars left!" (referring to the on-screen timer)

Everybody needs someone to be accountable to in order to keep them motivated and working toward their goals. There's no one I'm more committed to than my little girl (who came home from daycare yesterday, and popped in the DVD saying "I wanna do an arm sizzler!" as she rocked her little 2-lb. dumbbells.).

You can motivate yourself of course, but having the extra push from an outside source really helps to charge you up. Who's giving you the boost or push you need? Comment below...

>.< *kidkicksmybutt

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Women We Love: Christina Schimmel

Canadian actress and producer Christina Schimmel is constantly reinventing herself. Whether it’s slipping gracefully from one role to another, or from one side of the camera to the other, her passion for her craft keeps her in a constant state of forward momentum. With as many as four of five projects on the go at a time, her key to success is finding inspiration in challenging herself to be as adaptable as possible.


Name: Christina Schimmel

Occupation: Actress/Producer

Education: Second City, Various Acting Schools Toronto/Vancouver, Ryerson Business school, Langara College. Currently I train with Dean Bajramovic at Alza Acting School.

How did you get started on your current career track?

I have always loved acting and keep coming back to it. In my early twenties I was pretty wild and didn’t have the dedication required of a full time actress so I feel like I am really hitting my stride now. Producing is the evolution of that career.

What gives you the most satisfaction as an artist?

Collaborating with amazing people and pushing myself into new and demanding roles.

In the feature film “The Rebel” I play a battered wife and the character I play is 100 percent different from myself. I worked hard with my acting coach and the director was so impressed with my performance he wrote me in more scenes. That is a huge compliment.

What motivates or inspires you in your work?

There are a lot of amazing people in the industry. Their passion and creativity is infectious! I just want to make entertaining stories that people will like to watch. The actress that inspires me is Charlize Theron. She does solid commercial work but isn’t afraid to take risks like her roles in “Monster” and “Young Adult”

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