Friday, March 23, 2012

Men We Admire: Aaron Marino

This issue's Man We Admire is Atlanta style and image guru Aaron Marino.

I first came across Aaron's videos on YouTube a few years back when I suddenly found myself single after a twelve-year relationship and was looking for some advice online that would help me get my act together so I could confidently re-enter the dating world. Being a guy in his mid-30's and suddenly having to re-learn the rules was hard enough, and I have to say that Aaron's slightly off-beat sense of humour and his no-B.S. approach to style was a breath of fresh air. What's more, he's also in his mid-30's, which meant that unlike other advice columnists out there, the information I got was well-suited to my goal of looking like a sharp, mature male, rather than an 18-year-old stick figure or a 20-something rapper.

I am extremely proud to say that following this interview, Aaron has agreed to come on as our style expert here at The Man Sphere. You'll find his first article on men's suits over in the Style section, just in time for the run-up to wedding season. But of course, you'll find his whole wealth of knowledge and information at his own mag site, I Am Alpha M. We're just glad we're able to tap a fraction of this guy's insight for our readers.

You're welcome.

Name: Aaron Marino

Age: 35

Occupation: “Bro-fessional” AKA Male Image Consultant…Ever seen the movie “Hitch”? I am the slightly less black real life version.

Relationship Status: Married 5 years (feels like 10…kidding…sort of…no I am…kinda)

Pets: My Wife has 3 cats…I however have no pets

What are you driving: Infiniti

Gadgets: I’m not a gadget kinda guy…I’m more into shoes, sunglasses, jackets…I’m like a gay guy with a straight penis (stop with the eye roll already)

How do you quantify your own awesomeness?: My awesomeness comes from being incredibly secure in myself and the ability to laugh at my own ridiculousness. I also have this unique ability to read people incredibly fast and can make anyone feel like they are my best friend and that I am actually interested in what they are telling me about their kids or their co-worker...[read more]


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