Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shape Up For Summer Contest 2012


Three Month "Muscle Up" Beach Challenge

Alright gentlemen, here's new contest.

Can you beef up in time for beach season?

Our Editor-in-Chief, Steve Baric, says "YES!" In fact, he's so confident he can pack on the beef and trim his body fat that he's making a bet: starting March 26, 2012, he's going to lose more body fat and gain more muscle mass than any of you.

What's more, he's even going to take you step-by-step through his process, and show you how he's doing it. Even if the heaviest thing you've ever lifted is a quart of Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls ice cream, you'll get the raw play-by-play of how this transformation is going to happen.

Here's the game: March 26 is the starting date. No ifs, ands, or buts. No waiting for a Monday. No waiting for the first of the next month. No waiting for a special invitation. No waiting until you end up in the hospital.

This will be followed by a solid THREE MONTHS of killer workouts, easy (and delicious) diet changes, and a lot of fun. June 30 will be the cut-off date for the contest, with the votes coming in on July 1-2. We'll announce the winners on July 4.

There is a catch though: you have to beat Steve's numbers. And he's going all-out, so you probably won't be able to come close. But on the off chance that you do, he's willing to put up some cool prizes from Prograde Nutrition. Here they are:

First place (most overall improvement = biggest shift in body fat percentage): 1 "Ultimate Workout Package" from Prograde Nutrition (includes 2 bottles of Prograde Workout, 1 bottle of VGF 25+ multivitamin, 1 bottle of EFA Icon, and 1 bottle of Prograde Longevity anti-oxidant supplement. Retail value: $139.95)

Second place: 1 "Total Wellness Package" from Prograde Nutrition (includes one bottle each of VGF 25+ multivitamin, EFA Icon, and Longevity anti-oxidant supplement. Retail value: $84.95)

Third Place: 1 "Fitness Package" from Prograde Nutrition (includes one bottle each of Prograde Protein and Prograde Workout. Retail value: $64.95)

Best over-30 score: One-month supply of Prograde K20 natural testosterone booster (Retail value: $74.95)

Here's how you enter:


  1. Take a shirtless front and side photo. These are your "before" pics.
  2. Before 11:59p.m. Pacific Standard Time on March 26 (that's the day of our next issue), send us an email containing your name, address, and age, along with your photos, to contests@themansphere.com, subject line, "My Contest Entry." This will be your registration.
  3. Download our tracking spreadsheet HERE (or visit http://themansphere.com/a-simple-body-fat-calculator/ and find the link in the article). This sheet contains all the detailed contest rules and your final submission entry form.
  4. Work like a dog until July 1, tracking your measurements every week. At the end of the contest, submit a set of "after" pictures, along with your saved spreadsheet, via email. This will be your official entry.
That's it! How you lose the poundage is up to you, but you have to keep track of your numbers every week, and we need those photographs.

You have to be 18 or over, and live in Canada or the U.S. to participate in the contest. Of course, you can join in the fun anywhere in the world just so you have the support of your fellow fat burners. We just can't ship prizes overseas just yet.

For a full set of contest rules, download the free body fat tracking spreadsheet. No email or purchase required.

Contestants are free to use any diet and/or fitness system they choose. We are not responsible for any injuries resulting from poor nutrition or exercise, or any activity related to participating in this contest. It's fun...let's keep it that way. PLEASE CONSULT A PHYSICIAN BEFORE BEGINNING THIS, OR ANY OTHER, EXERCISE AND NUTRITIONAL PROGRAM, and STAY IN CONTACT WITH THEM THROUGHOUT, being sure to report any discomfort or injury, loss of sleep, or change in body function. This contest is meant to encourage a healthier lifestyle, and a bottle of protein powder is not worth risking permanent injury or a heart attack. Be smart.


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