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Women We Love: Lana Tailor

Cable efficianados will recognize Lana Tailor as one of the principal talents behind the success of Cinemax's wildly erotic series "Lingerie." Dudes everywhere will also recall that she's had the very rare distinction of having graced the cover (and pages) of Playboy twice. But the sultry sylph from Sudbury has a lot more going on than mere appearances. As I was privileged to learn, action, ambition, and raw talent make for an explosive combination; one that, for Ms. Tailor, is enough to power a skyrocketing career.

In fact, to cap off a stellar year (and just in time for this publication), Lana has just announced that she's been invited to co-host the Miami Beach New Years Eve Music Festival for Orange Drive alongside Daymond John of Shark Tank (read the full story on Lana's website). Congratulations, Lana!

Education: Associates Degree in Education

How do you quantify your own awesomeness?
I'm easy to get along with, I'm always ready to help those who want to help themselves, and I'm down to earth; so you guys are gonna have to be the judge of my awesomness scale. Gotta stay modest and humble here; cam on! Haha

How did you get started on your current career track?
At 12 years old, I was on an improv team and in modeling classes. My exposure to opportunity was light as I lived in a small town; but, when I saw my first "far fetched" opportunity, I took it. It all started with a gig I landed for a glasses commercial, and my passion never stopped as I knew I could do more and more. Though I got rejected from other gigs due to height, I simply worked harder and believed in myself which gave me the strength to push everyday for what I really want until I get the gig(s) that will change everything.

Now, I am fully cognizant of the on-air industry, my brand, and my audience.

What gives you the most satisfaction as an artist?

I get the most satisfaction from writing and being the adventurer on my TV Show GET OUT on HDNET. There's nothing better than unscripted television as you get to be yourself and truly explore outrageous activities while sharing it with the viewers first hand.

What motivates or inspires you in your work?
The start to finish of a new project. I enjoy creating and being part of a team to make something unique and spectacular in its own way. But most of all, it's liberating and I feel alive when I am on set.

Do you have a personal work philosophy?
If you're not passionate about it, don't do it. I've learned this the hard way.

If you weren't doing this, what could you see yourself doing?
I would be a Writer and/or Broadcast Journalist.

What are you working on right now?
I have just been asked to co-host South Beach Miami's Orange Drive New Years Eve Music Festival with host Daymond John and performances by NE-YO, Cee Lo Green, Jermaine Dupri, and many more. It will be broadcasting live on none other than HDNET.

What do you first notice about a guy?

Naturally, when one notices another, they notice their physical attributes and their sense of style.

With that said, I am first attracted to a sophisticated man who doesn't need to wear logos. Then, I notice their attitude and mannerisms which typically defies a fraction of their character.

What gets you interested?
A man who can look everyone in the eye, speak politely yet genuinely and has something intelligent to say; but most of all he's gotta be funny! The funnier the guy, the better. A guy with a great sense of humour is like a breath of fresh air... seriously. Can you imagine hanging out with someone who is hot beyond all reason, but boring and dumb as hell... yikes! Not my cup of tea. Looks are great and all, but if there's nothing upstairs or no personality, looks mean squat.

What keeps you interested?
A guy who is down to earth, nerdy-esque, who can make me die laughing ;) In addition, intelligent conversation, romance, and being kept on my toes is the way to keep me! 

Quick tip: I love my red wine and dark chocolate covered almonds! That'll keep me interested. Oh, but it's best by a cozy fireplace with a comedy movie playing... something like Zak Galifinakis Stand Up. Yeah, that's a good night in my books!!

What's your number one deal breaker?
If a guy swears while talking to me, or always talks about himself, and worst, if he's always looking for reassurance. These qualities show that he is not classy, insecure, and unsure of his path in life. There's nothing worse than a guy who doesn't believe in himself. Because if you don't believe in you, how am I suppose to believe in you?

Turn-ons: Slow kisses

Turn-offs: A man who is too pushy and insistent.

To stay in shape, what's your basic diet look like?
I eat 5 to 6 small meals per day and work out 3 times per week. I eat as nutritious as possible...brown rice, never white, lots of fish, veggies, nuts, oats... and of course my dark chocolate ;)

What sort of fitness plan, if any, do you follow?

Weight lifting: my favourite is rowing with weights.
Plyometrics: my favourite is burpies.
Cardio: my favourite is spinning.

What's next for you? What's your next big idea or project?
Since my background is writing and I absolutely love to create, I am writing a pitch for a network. Let's see what happens! Also, my ever so awesome gig in Miami with Sir Daymond John!
Favourite workout tip: Always try to do at least 2 more reps when you think you "can't" possibly do another rep.
Favourite recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookies
iPhone or Android: Blackberry all the way! So much quicker, lol.
What are you driving: 4 wheel drive Chevy Silverado... Yup, winter is here!

Absolute WORST experience on set/shoot: I was completely dehydrated, and consequently got a toe cramp in the middle of a scene. I fell to the ground trying to get my toe back in place, and it was just the most uncomfortable/painful situation. We all laughed, nonetheless, and I still get bugged for it to this day, lol.
One quirky thing about you that never turns up in interviews: Hmm, interesting question. I am a tom boy. I never wear makeup and am typically in sweats all the time. I usually go to the local Indigo and curl up to read a book with my must-have Starbucks coffee. Nerd alert: Fav is when I go with my friend. We go to the comedy section, and read odd/hilarious quotes to each other. I'm surprised we haven't gotten kicked out of there yet; we're kinda loud! It's a great time.

One thing guys should know when talking to a beautiful woman:
 Women get hit on all the time, so don't drop a tacky line and make yourself look shallow. Ask her a question. This, in turn, gets her to answer you and you can follow up with another question. Before you know it, you're having a great conversation and exchanging numbers. Might sound weird, but it works.

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Car Adventures

Some of my friends have been insisting that I do a blog post about my car, since it's guy stuff anyway, and guys like cars.

Okie. Here's the whole story.

Two weeks ago I was out getting Christmas stuff with my daughter. I noticed the heater wasn't working, and the check engine light was on. My first thought was that I'd blown a fuse in the heater, so I checked that. No problem, aside from a scraped knuckle that two days later looked like it had seen some action in a bar fight.

I'm ok with that.

The fuse was fine, but later I noticed some pink stuff on the driveway. It seems strange, but my first thought was please be the transmission.

See, I had the transmission replaced in March so it was still under warranty and would have been covered.

No such luck. I drove the car over to Canadian Tire to have it checked, and sure enough it was a blown head gasket. Not repairable.


Yup. turns out that on the '02 Camry, the bolts on the head are machined in such a way that they can't be remachined. Nice, huh? My only option then was to put a new engine in it.

Or get a new car.

Now, I've never owned a new car, but I have been turned down for financing quite a few times (the cross one bears as a musician). However, I'm working a normal job these days, so I figured i would give it a try.

Approved! Yay!

I of course tried out several cars in that same price range. Cruze, Corolla, Elantra. It was the 2012 Cruze that really got my attention. A week after my Camry died I drove off the lot at Bill Spencer GM in Cobourg with a brand new 2012 Chevy Cruze LT Turbo, complete with 3 months of XM Radio (meh...not thrilled with that) and 6 months of Onstar (much more thrilling so far).

Here it is:

Pretty, huh?

But what about that Camry?

Well, Chevy was only going to give me $500 for it on their "cash for clunkers" program. But I just sank four grand into that transmission in the spring. I figured I should at least get ten new car payments out of it.

First I called up a Toyora dealership, figuring their parts department would be interested in salvaging the usuables (everything but the block, in fact). No sale.

So I put it up on Kijiji as a car for parts. Listing it in the "Parts" category was a good idea. Within an hour I had four offers from wreckers, with the top offer just $500 short of what I was asking.

The day I picked up my Cruze--one week after my Camry bit it--this tow truck came out from Scarborough and hauled my Camry away. Done.

I liked that car.

And of course iI got cash. Enough for the ten payments I was looking for.

So, there's the whole saga. I'm upgraded to my first brand new car ever. My old car is likely in pieces somewhere in the GTA. And I have enough on hand to cover any seasonal downswing in my work year.

Some tips for selling a dead Camry:

  • List your dead car on Kijiji under "Parts";
  • Don't post your phone number...just your email (or expect phone calls at all hours of the night);
  • Ask for more than you hope to get. They will low ball you;
  • Only accept cash;
  • Get to the MTO and get the seller's (UVIP) package before you list your car. It's twenty bucks, and is a legal requirement;
  • Have a bill of sale. Make sure it indicates the car is being sold as is, without warranty;
  • If the buyer sends a third party tower to pick up the car, make sure they sign a form stating they are responsible for it once it's hooked to their truck. You don't want the buyer calling you up asking where their car is and demanding their money back if there's an accident or theft.