Thursday, November 28, 2013

Coming up for 2014

With a goal-oriented platform like The Man Sphere, you had to know I was eventually going to start blogging about 2014. There's only a month left of this year, after all!

One of the major stumbling points I've encountered over 2013 is time. There never seems to be quite enough, and so I'm resolving now, well in advance of the new year, to start managing my time better. My routine does get everything done that has to get done, but most of the stuff I want to get done gets waylaid...sometimes for months longer than expected.

2013 was dedicated mainly to fitness, and I've dropped over 30 lbs. and cut a pretty decent physique. I'm not quite Tough Mudder read, but I'm definitely in the best overall condition of my life.

2014, then, will be dedicated to financial matters, mostly pertaining to building my business. I have two key goals in my professional life that leverage the two things I do particularly well: educating others, and writing music. The music goal is the harder of the two (obviously), but will come with the freedom of time I hope to achieve by meeting my goal as an educator.

My main goal, then, is to get to work helping as many guys as possible get their shit together. After the launch of the 2013 Women We Love Dating Compilation (more on that soon), I'll be launching a new web-based personal coaching service called Your Personal Reset Button.

This service is the culmination of my work in personal development and coaching over the last four years, and showcases the strategies and processes I've found worked best for me (and others I've worked with) in recovering from a breakup.

Keep an eye out for that one. It'll be a game changer for a lot of people. And hopefully it will see the start of a new and exciting chapter in the life I'm looking to live as well.