Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to Date a Model

How to Date a Model

...or anyone else, for that matter

by Sam Adrian

Gentlemen, it's time we discussed this dating thing seriously. I know we've been yacking about personal authority and game and C&F and all the other toys the gods have given us to work with. But it's time to finally get a grip on reality here.

Want the one secret that gets lost in all this theory and behavioural study?
Hot women are actually real people.
I know. I was shocked to hear it myself (yeah...not really). The reason I'm emphasizing this point is because I received this email this week from a reader, and I thought it high time we clear the air about some of this nonsense.

Hey Sam,
I have a friend who tends bar at a club downtown. He invited me down one night because he knew this group of models was going to be hanging out there (the owner set it up as a publicity thing), so of course I went. There was this one girl I started talking to...24, fitness and swimsuit model, unbelievably super sweet (I'm 26 btw). Anyways, we were talking and it seemed like we just really hit it off so I asked for her number and SHE GAVE IT TO ME!! Holy shit...I texted her later to make sure it wasn't fake and sure enough it was actually her. We texted back and forth for a few days but now I don't know what to do next. I really want to ask her out but I'm scared shitless. Seriously...these girls fly all over the world doing sexy photo shoots and probably hanging out with male model types and picking up at clubs. So what do I do? Just call it a fantasy and move on to someone more my speed? I think that would be the smart move, but I also really like her. I'm stuck! Please please please tell me what I should do! ~ Dave M., Toronto
Hoo boy...tough problem for sure. First though, let's look at the real issues at play here...[read more]


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