Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Who's pushing you to succeed?

So, Monday at 6 a.m. I started the T30 program from Prograde (featuring BJ Gaddour), and this is what I get from my 4-year-old daughter:

"But Daddy, you can't sit down yet! The guy on your exercise movie is still exercising and there's thr
ee more bars left!" (referring to the on-screen timer)

Everybody needs someone to be accountable to in order to keep them motivated and working toward their goals. There's no one I'm more committed to than my little girl (who came home from daycare yesterday, and popped in the DVD saying "I wanna do an arm sizzler!" as she rocked her little 2-lb. dumbbells.).

You can motivate yourself of course, but having the extra push from an outside source really helps to charge you up. Who's giving you the boost or push you need? Comment below...

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