Friday, June 24, 2011

Square Foot Garden Update

Holy tomato plants! These things are getting a little big, I'd say:

The spinach and lettuce are doing nicely too, as you can see. I think the lesson here is, spread the tomato plants out a bit more (like, in opposite corners) so they don't throw too much shade on the peppers. I'm a little worried the tomatoes and beans (second pic, bottom left) are going to start arguing over borders pretty soon.

Meanwhile, the onions are doing their thing (despite near daily grazing by the kid):

...and the leafy things continue to produce even when harvested, which is exactly what they're supposed to do! (um...except the Swiss chard, which took a bit of a kid-beating this past Fathers' Day...oh well. Seeds are cheap).

I would say, all-in-all, the choice of location turned out to be right, and these plants are getting more than enough sun right where they are.

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  1. Wow! Look how nice this turned out!