Monday, June 13, 2011

The Basement Reno Starts

Back in March I had a flood in the basement. Not a big one, just enough to ruin the carpet and throw my life into organizational chaos for a few months.
In the interim, there have been delays with insurance and getting a quote on the reno--mostly to replace the floor.
Finally I got a call from the contractor, and they're moving in today. This will be a few more, days of chaos no doubt, but at least it's going somewhere.
This is fairly extensive mind you. Framing, flooring, drywall and some electrical too...not a small job. So before you jump on me for not manning up and doing the work myself, remember I'm just one set of hands. We'd be pushing Christmas by the time the painting got started.
These guys are a team. They'll be done in two weeks or less.
The one part I'm not thrilled about is installing a sump pump. The insurance company insists, even though this is the first time this basement has flooded in 50 years (and it was caused by a clog in the city's storm sewer, not from any fault in the basement itself). But if it has to be done, I guess it has to be done.
Now it's just down to waiting for my man cave to get put back together.
I hate waiting.


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