Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Steve Baric featured on Amira de Vera

The Man Sphere's Editor-in-Chief, Steve Baric, was featured this week on Pennant Media publicist Amira de Vera's own blog. Check out the interview: 

This week, one of the people I’m featuring is the Editor-In-Chief of the very informative men’s online magazine The Man Sphere‘s Steve Baric. Most recently, he has also added creator and editor of the brand new DurhamEntertainment.ca to his list of projects.

The Man Sphere is devoted to getting the info real guys want, which include health, fitness, and general well being; tips for the home and the backyard; relationship, dating, and parenting advice; cool gadgets, great ways to spruce up the wardrobe, and how to cook great bass.

In short, if guys are interested, they will  want to bring it to them. The Man Sphere also has fantastic and inspirational interviews and has featured many of our clients.

I drilled Steve with ten questions. Get to know the guy behind The Man Sphere! [read more...]


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