Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ideas to motivate your fitness goals...

At The Man Sphere, we're always interested in looking at people's sources of motivation for self-improvement. Nowhere is this likely to be more important than in the area of fitness and physical health.

I decided to take a look at a few good reasons to get in shape. Here's my list (comment below if you have others):

  1. Pick an event. Specifically, pick a sporting event you wouldn't be in shape for in your current condition. I chose the 2014 Tough Mudder.
  2. Compete. Nothing motivates you like an impending competition. I, unfortunately, wouldn't do this because I don't like the idea of wearing a speedo for any reason, let alone on stage. A lot of guys do sign up for fitness competitions though, and it seems to be a great motivator.
  3. Book a photo shoot. Mine is six months away. I don't have aspirations of being a fitness model. In fact, the first thing on this list is my real objective, with looks being a side benefit. However, if I know I'm in shape to do a great shoot, I'll know I'm on the right track to something even better in my life.
  4. Look in the mirror. Then at your kid. Then in the mirror again. Then at your kid. Two things happen here: First, picture that kid crying at your funeral in ten years. Not cool? Good...prevent that from happening. Second, picture your kid in your condition. They're watching you. Teach them how to live their best life.
  5. This.

What's driving you? What are you aiming for? What are your fitness goals for 2013?


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