Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to Get a Date Before Valentine's Day

by Jordan Harbinger (The Art of Charm)

While it tends to be more of a girlie holiday, you’re no less of a man because you want something to do on Valentine’s Day. In fact, single dudes tend to be the most bummed about being single on Valentine’s Day as compared to any other*. If you’re looking to score a date by V-Day, the good news is you still have time.

Turn Up The Heat

You probably have a lot of single female friends sitting around whining about how they don’t have anything to do for Valentine’s Day. At least one of them has to be attractive. Don’t write off your lady friends, as the best relationships often start with a rock solid friendship. Come on, dude, you know you’ve thought about touching her boobs at least once. Just casually ask “are you doing anything for V-Day?” Resist the temptation to make a cheesedick joke -something along the lines of “har har we’re on a date” -just see where the night takes you.

Go To A Singles’ Night

Valentine’s Day is the best time for single dudes to get their speed-date on. Go with a bro and you two can compare notes or talk smack as the case may be when the night is over. You might even find someone to hook up with, or you can just have an experience to remember for the rest of your life. Speed-dating is surprisingly effective and inexpensive to boot. If worse comes to worse, you’re out less than 40 bucks and have a cool story to tell your friends.

Bring Your “A” Game

One surprisingly easy way to get a date before Valentine’s Day is simply to bring your “A” game to every interaction you have with a woman between now and then. Remember above how we said that V-Day is mostly a chick’s holiday? Do you have any idea how desperate some of these women are to find someone -- anyone -- to be with on Valentine’s Day? You really don’, seriously. You don't -even if you think you do. All you need to be is your usual charming self to the Nth degree and you’re ready to land a date for Valentine’s Day without a whole lot of effort.



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