Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Square Foot Garden Update

Here we are two weeks in, and we're already seeing some progress. My tomatoes didn't fare too well from seed, so I had to hit the store and buy some seedling plants. I think the spring we've had has been a little too short on light. I also elected to start my onions from sets rather than from seeds this year. They've come up really fast, so with sets I'm likely going to get a few crops without too much hassle.

Of course, my daughter's head is blocking the view of the bush beans that are already on their second set of leaves. Within a week or two, we'll be harvesting onions (she's already sneaking the tops for snacks) and lettuce for sure. The spinach is on its way up too.

That's dependent on the sun. We've had a lot of rain over the past few weeks, but a few solid days of long sunny hours should really kick this plot into overdrive. The morning glories are in at the back, as is my only surviving pepper (cross your fingers that it's warm enough!). The parsley crapped out, but I can re-source that square for another onion crop starting next week or so. Everything else is up, including the carrots!

Last to go in will be some cucumbers...I hope this weekend.


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