Friday, August 30, 2013

Women We Love: Trenna Keating

Canadian actress Trenna Keating stars as Doc Yewll on SyFy and Showcase’s new hit series Defiance airing Monday evenings at 9 PM on SyFy and 10 PM on Showcase. 

With dangerous clashes between humans and aliens, military scavengers and other treacherous visitors, Defiance is a refugee camp left after a war between humans and aliens known as Votans.

Trenna’s character Doc Yewll arrived in Defiance following the Pale Wars, intending to stay a week before moving on to dispense medical care in other war-torn areas. Eight years later, Yewll still serves as the town’s doctor. As an Indogene – a technologically advanced Voltan race – she often finds her natural pragmatism perceived as a lack of bedside manner by most humans. However, Yewll’s unflappable brilliance is indisputably one of Defiance’s greatest assets.

Trenna can be recognized from her roles as Sergeant Hannah Corday on Global’s Combat Hospital. She can also be seen on Corner Gas, Little Mosque on the Prairie and Born and raised in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Trenna Keating likes spending her time off screen outdoors hiking and camping. She also has a passion for writing plays, cooking, playing Scrabble and Settler’s of Catan and of course, dancing in her living room.

  Name: Trenna Keating

  Occupation: Actor

  Education: BFA from the University of Regina, SK

  How did you get started on your current career track?
Trenna 3132 RGBI studied acting in university and spent several years after working in theatre and doing crew work in film. I have also spent several years in the casting room. I was a background casting director, a casting assistant and a casting director. When I moved to Toronto I began working as a reader for auditions.This was my introduction to the Toronto film industry. Most of what I have learned about acting has come from being on the other side of the camera watching actors work.

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