Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Five New Products on The Man Sphere

It's been a really hectic couple of weeks. Last week I was on holidays from work, so I took the time to get The Man Sphere tweaked up a bit with some new articles (published this week), along with putting the finishing touches through my affiliate network on the launch of the TMS Metabolic Nightmare.

In addition, I really put the hammer down on my diet and workout programs in preparation for Monday's photo shoot with Revolve Talent. By switching to an intermittent That alone was worth the price of admission, but I'll save the pics for after the touch ups are done!

This week, even though I'm back to work and scrambling to get caught up on correspondence and other items of emergent crisis, I finally also got the first category of new retail info products ready for the Sphere. The first set is entirely devoted to self-confidence and overcoming the basic block most guys have with moving forward after they've suffered a demoralizing setback like divorce or job loss.

These are the products we just launched today:

Positive Thinking and Self-Talk Tactics Revealed: A comprehensive guide to using self-talk to produce positive thinking and project a happier, more confident, and more successful self. Self-talk is one of the primary motivators in both driving people into a depressive state and pulling them out of one, and this guide helps the reader through that process to create a healthy, positive state of mind.

How to Build Your Self EsteemA great guide to not only reveal what self esteem is and how to determine your own level of self esteem, but also on how to enhance your own self esteem and that of others. Becoming a leader who encourages others and takes pride in their own accomplishments is one of the hardest balancing acts there is, and this report shows you how to do just that.

51 Ways to Overcome ShynessAn excellent addition to any course on confidence, this short, easy to follow report walks you through overcoming one of the biggest obstacles most guys face in trying to achieve their goals. Whether it's engaging in conversation with a stranger, speaking your mind at work, or getting a girl's phone number, shyness is one of those unfortunate states that gets in the way of true confidence. This report tackles all of that.

The Power of Self ConfidenceThis four-page report is packed with useful advice on how to build self-confidence. The power of self-confidence lies in creating new opportunities, and trusting oneself to see them through. Even just using the simple daily exercises in this report can help guys get back on track and taking charge of their lives. A must have free report for anyone looking to boost their confidence.

These haven't been released as affiliate products (as yet), but they are starting to generate some buzz already. We're merely retailing them of course, but they will form one of the info product cornerstones of the Man Under Construction project, which is the whole point. Watch for more products in the coming weeks, as we build our platform for the big release of Man Under Construction (can you tell I'm getting excited?).


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