Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman


Why is Hollywood intent on slaughtering fairy tales?

If you’ve been waiting for a good retake of an old fairy tale to come out of young Hollywood, Snow White and the Huntsman is probably not going to do it for you.


There’s not much to spoil about this plot, since the story is too well-known. An evil queen (Charlize Theron) usurps a kingdom by killing its king (King Magnus, which means “big,” played by Noah Huntley). Her step-daughter, the young princess (Kristen Stewart), is basically treated badly–in this instance, kept locked in a cell for a decade or so. When the girl comes of age she becomes a threat to the queen’s beauty, because that’s what’s important to queens. The queen attempts to have her assassinated. In this version, the princess escapes into the forest, and a drunk huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) is sent to kill her. The assignment doesn’t go well. Along the way they meet a group of dwarfs in the forest (none of whom, save Toby Jones, is actually smaller than average in real life), and bump into Prince Charming, who happens to be named William (Sam Claflin) in a fit of unoriginality. We’ll suspend disbelief and not point out that William’s father, Duke Hammond (Vincent Regan), must (in order to be a duke) be the king’s brother, thereby making the duke her uncle and Prince Charming her first cousin. The young princess then gathers her guts, raises an army, and overthrows the evil queen. Easy.

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