Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Funny, Romantic Valentine's Chats

Well, we can't let another February 14th roll by without a little nod to the cuddly cuteness of Valentine's Day. So, in honour of love and romance, I thought I'd share a funny little Valentine's chat and see where it takes you today.

Enjoy :)

He: Morning :)
He: Happy Valentine's Day <3
She: Mornin'...Happy valentine's day 
He: If I was there, I totally would have made you breakfast in bed :) 
She: That would have been sweet 
He: Then I would have nailed you. Just sayin. 
She: Haha cute 
He: Oh trust me...after a breakfast like that, you'd find me irresistable.
He: You'd be on me like Charlie Sheen on a Star cover.
She: What were you gonna do...drug me? 
He: That wasn't nice :(
He: Here I am gushing romantic sentiments about nailing you...romantically...and you go and throw me a burn.
She: Nailing me "romantically" lol 
He: What? I'd take my socks off. Jeez. 
She: Hahaha
She: Now that is soooo romantic
He: See? Anything for you babe.
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