Monday, September 29, 2014

OK, let's get started...

5:30 a.m.. Monday, September 29.

That's the start of my 21-day personal productivity challenge.

Three weeks doesn't sound like much, but when you're looking at life-changing strategies it can be daunting. Especially at 5:30 in the morning.

The first step is always the hardest, but when you're motivated -- I mean really motivated -- to get back in shape and get all your important business taken care of, you just swallow that difficulty and get to work.

This first morning should prove interesting. I actually woke up fairly energetic, and I think that's part of the excitement of a new program. But it's not starting from the best place...

If you've been following my journey over the last couple of years, you'll know I've been losing weight fairly consistently. Back in the spring, I made a big leap forward by hiring a fairly high profile trainer, and got down to my lowest weight and size yet: 179 lbs. and a 34.5 inch waist.

Tendonitis in my shoulders made it difficult to continue training at that level, however, and I had to take a little time off. As it turns out, adding carbs back into my diet also started reversing my weight loss, so my training reached a set-point plateau (a point where I stopped losing weight). This had the effect of adding weight instead of continuing to take it off.

My trainer recommended gradually adding carbs and calories back into my diet in order to get used to metabolising them again. But with the shoulder pain, the level of workout required hasn't been possible. As a result, my weight is back up over 190. That's not a great place to start.

But there's good news: with the new program starting right now at a higher starting point in the diet, I should be able to reset my system fairly quickly. So, three weeks of this current program ought to get me back on track. After this starting point, no more plateau, and any calorie cuts will count for more reduction than if I just continued at a low-cal, low-carb level.

And even if it doesn't show any straight forward results, three weeks of conditioning will still be a great point to get launched. And I still have the perfect program for rapid weight loss. So, it's time to get started. Here goes nothing!


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